Thursday, 9 February 2012

Zayn Facts

  1. When Chris Brown followed Zayn, he ran to Niall and Liam then started fanboying 
  2. He wants to be mysterious and not tell whether he has a valentine this year or not.
  3. Louis once pushed Zayn off a boat but forgot he couldn't swim, all the boys had to jump in & save him
  4. His new puppy is called Billy
  5. Zayn likes girls who are naturally beautiful and don't wear too much make up
  6. Zayn loves to wear checkered shirts and jackets
  7. A tattoo artist in LA mistook Zayn for Rob Kardashian
  8. A fan gave Zayn a book called "Why smoking is bad for you" and Zayn broke down in tears, hugged her and said "I'm so sorry"
  9. Zayn has the biggest hands in the 1D
  10. The first time the lads saw Zayn cry was at X factor when his grandfather passed away
  11. Zayn's favourite scent on a girl is vanilla
  12. Zayn is still waiting for the day he wants to sing 'let me love you' to the girl he really loves
  13. Zayn doesn't like his lips
  14. Zayn wants a younger girlfriend do he can protect her
  15. If zayn were an animal he would be an lion
  16. when Zayn was little he used to eat paper
  17. Zayn says a best feature of a girl is her eyes
  18. Every time Niall does Irish dancing zayn laughs and copies Niall
  19. Zayn cried in a chick flick
  20. Zayn likes girls who are hard to get
  21. when Zayn was 8yo he wrote his first love letter
  22. Zayn is always wanted to do a Bruno Mars cover
  23. when zayn and Harry got there tattoos zayn held Harry's hand while Harry was getting his one done coz was his first time
  24. He Spends the longest time looking at the mirror
  25. He may be flirty, but hus a little bit shy in front of the camera
  26. When he was younger, he used to think that he would never get a girl to fall in love with him.
  27. Zayn can sometimes be an agressive drunk
  28. He likes blue colour
  29. Zayn sings Chris Brown's songs on the shower
  30. Zayn hates it when people dont brush their teeth
  31. Zayn has an Iphone 4. same with me xx
  32. Zayn Malik Fave song is "Barbie girl" As he says
  33. Zayn Malik first job was apperantly a waiter at a family resturant
  34. Zayn Malik has a beauty mark next to his lip
  35. Zayn started to smoke when he was 15
  36. Zayn plans on getting more tattos
  37. Zayn's name was spelled as Zain.
  38. Zayn can't dance. He admitted.
  39. Zayn wants to sing "Let me Love You" to the girl he really loves.
  40. Niall and Zayn both felt like they didn't belong in the band
  41. Zayn kissed a fan after signing.
  42. Zayn means beautiful in Arabic
  43. Zayn started loosing control when Chris Brown followed him
  44. Zayn bites his lips when he is nervous
  45. Zayn started crying because harry took his mirrors. But he wouldnt stop crying until harry gave back.
  46. When Zayn's youngest sister was little, he used to pretend to scare the monsters out of her bedroom at night
  47. Zayn looks into the mirror 60times a day
  48. If Zayn were a girl, he'd fancy Louis but marry Liam
  49. Zayn threw a TV out of the window when he was 6yo
  50. Zayn's new dog is called Billy Malik.
  51. The best thing Zayn has bought since being in One Direction is lightsabers with Louis.
  52. Malik means King in Arabic
  53. he doesn't like The Wanted
  54. Zayn can cook Spaghetti Bolognese!
  55. If you meet Zayn and give him your twitter name to follow you, he will
  56. Louis prank called Zayn : Zayn:Hello? Louis:*girlyvoice* OH MY GOD, IM LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN ZAYN! Zayn:Hi Louis. LOL
  57. If Zayn would change his name it would be Joey
  58. Zayn's still waiting on the day to write his girlfriend a poem why he loves her
  59. If Zayn Malik had to date one contestant from the Xfactor house it would be Rebecca Ferguson
  60. Zayn's perfect kiss scene would be on the roof under the moonlight.
  61. zayn once had an argument with harry and he called him a selfish prick, so harry pushed zayn into a coffee table and walked off
  62. Zayn is a Muslim and proud he'd like to be the first Muslim winner of X factor
  63. While bored on tour he went skatebording but got into trouble after nearly breaking his arm 
  64. When Zayn was younger, he had two cats named Lily and Lolo
  65. A fan once told him she liked his hat so he gave it to her.
  66. The first tatto Zayn ever got was infected for two weeks
  67. Zayn's tries not to smoke around his younger sisters because he doesn't want to be a bad influence
  68. When he was about five, Zayn fell on a plug, and he had this plug stuck in the back of his head
  69. Zayn brushes his teeth befor every concert, as a sort of preparation thing
  70. Zayn sometimes google himself when he is bored
  71. We don't mind having haters, as long as we have our girls, we are strong. -Zayn
  72. Zayn lost 13,000 followers because of his new haircut. 
  73. Zayn said he couldn't swim but if his girlfriend was drowning he would jump in and save her then save himself
  74. When Zayn annoys Liam, Liam won't talk to him until Zayn gives him a hug.
  75. when Zayn doesnt know the lyrics to a song, he'll just sings random words to the tune
  76. Zayn once accidentally broke a chair at a meet and greet.
  77. Zayn's got his ear pierced about 7 times
  78. Zayn has been writing songs and poems since before he was famous.
  79. Zayn had his first girlfriend when he was 8 years old
  80. He will never regret that he bought justin bieber tickets for his sister