Thursday, 24 May 2012

Niall Facts

  1.  When Bieber followed me, Niall sang “That should be me”, when Justin followed Niall, he shouted “NEVER SAY NEVER”
  2. Niall talks in his sleep
  3. Niall’s dream valentine is Miranda Cosgrove. -_-
  4. Niall is the only member of One Direction NOT from the UK
  5. Niall’s favorite pieve of clothing is his “Free Hugs” t-shirt
  6. Niall loves muffins but he said muffins are just ugly cupcakes.
  7. Niall favorite films are Grease, The Godfather and Goodfellas
  8. Niall favorite body part is his eyes
  9. Niall favorite food is Pizza and Nandos
  10. Niall favorite album is Crazy Love by Michael Bubble
  11. Niall favorite shop is Topman
  12. Niall favorite drink is Water or Coca Cola
  13. Niall favorite colour is blue and green
  14. Niall favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men
  15. Niall favorite aftershave is Armani Mania
  16. Niall favorite Chanel Blue and Victoria’s Secret
  17. Niall favorite computer game is FIFA
  18. Niall favorite date venue is Nandos
  19. Niall favorite way to spend a Sunday is to be asleep for as long as possible
  20. Niall favorite country is Ireland
  21. Niall favorite mode of transport is plane
  22. Niall favorite night out is in Mulingar with his mates having
  23. Niall first pets were two goldfish called Tom and Jerry
  24. Niall likes being around friends but also needs time to himself sometimes
  25. Niall thinks Intelligence is sexy
  26. Niall was born on September 13th 1993
  27. If Niall was rich enough, he’d buy his own Nando’s restaurant and name it “Nialldo’s.”
  28. Niall has a brother called Greg who is 22
  29. Niall is from in Mullingar in Ireland
  30. Niall is proud to be an Irish
  31. Niall admitted he wanted a girlfriend for 2012
  32. When Niall gets homesick, the boys talk in an irish accent to cheer him up
  33. Niall has kissed 20 girls. :o
  34. Niall secretly hides and eats his food during class.
  35. Niall always orders dessert first.
  36. Niall wants a girl who can make him laugh just by looking at her
  37. He tried to eat Zayn’s hand as a punishment because Zayn ate his chip
  38. He wouldn’t sleep till Harry sings to him
  39. he find girls cute when they sneeze
  40. He doesnt talk much in interviews because he swears too much and would get the group in trouble
  41. Niall’s first tweet was to Justin Bieber!
  42. Niall’s hobbies are playing guitar, football and eating
  43. Niall loves Horror movies, he said if he ever has a girlfriend, he would love to snuggle her in case she got scared
  44. Niall left-handed, but the guitar he plays with his right hand
  45. Niall’s fishes died because of being overfed.
  46. While in LA, Niall saw a fan and did a duck face at her
  47. Niall wants a girl that he can laugh just by looking at her
  48. Niall is the second youngest in the band
  49. Niall isn’t allowed to do the supermarket shopping because he buys too much food. LOL.
  50. Niall was choosen the sweetest guy of 2011
  51. Niall would date a fan as long as she never fan girled in front of him.
  52. Niall’s favorite song of their album is Up All Night
  53. Niall once cheated on his girlfriend
  54. Niall new he could sing when he sang in the car and his family thought it was coming from the radio
  55. Proving hat he has a heart as big as his stomatch, Niall gave a rather large amount of money to a homeless person on the street.
  56. Niall once dislocated his knee playing football.
  57. Niall says he’d be the soppy one in the relationship as he is a huge cuddler!
  58. Niall laughed after One Direction were in a car crash
  59. Niall thinks it would be incredible to propose to his girlfriend in a hot air balloon.
  60. Niall once had ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy as his ringtone
  61. On a date he would wear a pair of jeans, black shoes, a shirt and a blazer, plus a quick squirt of aftershav
  62. Niall is very conscious of his teeth so he’ll usually smile with his mouth closed.
  63. He can’t stop Singing Justin Bieber’s Song “Mistletoe” and he is a huge Belieber
  64. He cried the most when One Direction lost the X Factor.
  65. If he could live anywhere in the world, it would be Nando’s.
  66. His girlfriend would have to be able to take a banter.
  67. Niall hates girls who wear granny cardigans.
  68. Niall was scared of clowns
  69. If Niall was a chocolate bar, he would be a terry’s chocolate orange.
  70. Niall once told Liam that if he ever had a son, he’d name him after him.
  71. The only book he has ever read is ‘To Kill A mocking Bird’.
  72. He supports Derby County Football Club.
  73. Niall’s favourite sweets were Fruit Salads. He used to go and buy them everyday after school
  74. In Irish, Niall means clouds
  75. “When I talk with Jannette at the iCarly set, we only talk about Justin Bieber, it was great” -Niall
  76. On the set of iCarly,they had to do 9 takes on one scene because Niall kept laughing.
  77. When He was younger He used to have a friend who was hitten by her father.
  78. Niall slept with his teddy bear until he was 12.
  79. He believes in not having sex until married.
  80. Niall talked alot during bootcamp
  81. He has Justin Bieber’s book.
  82. When Harry said “Caroline is hot” Niall replied with “Since when are wrinkles hot?”
  83. He’d like to be a Cheryl Cole for a day so he could see what it’s like to be ‘so hot’.
  84. When he was 5, he sat in is Uncle’s wedding cake
  85. he has an iPhone 4 and Blackberry. Same with me and zayn xx xD
  86. Niall doesn’t like girls who go on diet, he want girls who aren’t afraid to eat infront of him.
  87. when Niall arrived at LAX he sang the song “Party in the USA”
  88. Niall thinks that perfect girls are boring
  89. Niall has never been in a serious relationship. He is still waiting for that one girl coming into his life.
  90. Niall celebrity crush is Demi Lovato
  91. His older brother chose his name.
  92. Niall is a loyal and faithful boyfriend if he likes them
  93. When boys fight, Niall sits and watches them, waiting until it passes.
  94. Niall once dreamed that all the food on Earth was gone, and he started crying when he woke up.
  95. Niall once waxed his legs for charity
  96. xFactor bosses tried to put Niall on diet.
  97. When Niall is bored, Niall does some weird irish dance
  98. Niall apparently cried at the Concert in Dublin,as it was the same place he auditioned for the X-Factor